Our Belief

Recognizing the socio-economic reality in India. Changing it for the better.

Dani Foundation believes in constructive philanthropy.

It believes that a truly self-sustaining society can only be realized when individuals are empowered and communities are engaged through transformative action in society. The pillars of a belief system focused on positive impact:
Empower Individuals Engage Communities Transform Societies


Dani Foundation recognizes the significance of empowered individuals and their impact in the society they live in. The foundation views empowerment as the ability of individuals to be the best they can be through hassle-free access to key aspects of life: food, learning, well-being, livelihood, physical literacy, and community. The singular efforts focused are to ensure that barriers, where found, are removed, and the foundation’s initiatives are targeted at empowering individuals, improving their quality of life, and transforming the society around them.

Empowerment starts at the grassroots level and needs to be nurtured through quality education and learning for all. According to Education at a Glance (EAG) 2019, 71% of adults do not go through upper secondary education and among younger adults, 70% of women have not attained upper secondary education, compared to 58% of men.

By providing development in areas of education and learning in addition to improvement in healthcare, skill building, and sports, we are honing the skills of such individuals and enabling them to become self-sufficient.

Through in-depth analysis and frequent engagement with communities, Dani Foundation identifies areas that aid individuals in self-development and empowerment. The aim is to bring about a paradigm shift in the mindset of individuals, leading to accountability and reliability in their scope of involvement.


Community engagement across the globe has become pivotal for well-functioning, 21st-century democracies. Constructive and transparent relationships between organizations and communities bridge the gap between the growing demands of people and good quality of life. We believe community engagement is a necessity that leads to more equitable decisions and improvement in the standard of living in local communities.

Dani Foundation has been committed to manifesting the values of community engagement and has been working alongside community leaders across several districts of Gujarat for the same. The foundation believes that every community member, especially those without access to quality livelihoods, education, and food, should have opportunities to influence decision-making that affects their lives. The foundation leverages its resources to improve infrastructure, develop relationships with external partners to facilitate knowledge sharing, and expand the scope of reach of this large-scale community upliftment.


At Dani Foundation, transformative philanthropy is embedded in the DNA of the founders. The foundation recognizes the reality in India, where large sections of the population remain socially and economically excluded despite an increase in spending on social and economic development programmes. The core problem is the absence of transparency and accountability in all tiers of institutions in the country today.

Dani Foundation aims to transform societies by empowering individuals and engaging the communities within by providing a stable platform for comfortable livelihood, quality education and learning, community development, and food provision. As a result, impacted societies have transformed holistically over the years.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

- Mahatma Gandhi