20 Sep 2018

ELMS Sports Foundation contributed to OGQ to implement the OGQ Coaches Excellence Program (CEP), a training program for high-performance Badminton coaches!

Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) is a not-for-profit company committed to helping Indian athletes to win Gold at the Olympics. In 2017, OGQ came up with the plan for training coaches under Coaches Excellence Program (CEP) Certificate Program. A year-long program in Badminton and Shooting, CEP brought together top coaches and experts in sports science, technology, and soft skills to empower the next-generation of high-performing Indian coaches.

ELMS management team members, Amit Malik and Pankaj Markandey have been involved with the project from its inception. Contributing in almost all aspects of the Badminton program, they have contributed in conceptualising, planning, designing and delivering badminton program to participant coaches. Amit is part of core Program team.

Technical and Tactical
The primary focus of this workshop was on technical and tactical training of coaches. ELMS team member, Amit Malik, helped in identifying key improvement areas, bringing together national and international experts, collaborating on sessions, and ensuring the sessions went well.

Sports Science
The second focus area was on sports science including psychology, nutrition, and physiology. Working with multiple subject matter experts in all these areas, the ELMS team member, Amit, closely collaborated with the OGQ team to ensure all sessions were comprehensive and addressed real-life challenges the trainees faced.

The program was a grand success with all participants feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on new coaching challenges!